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The library of Trinity College is the largest research library in Ireland. As a result of its historical importance, Trinity is a national library of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, [citation needed] and has similar status in Irish law. The school, therefore, has the legal right to a copy of all books published in Great Britain and Ireland and consequently receives more than 100,000 new articles each year. The library contains 4.25 million books, including 30,000 current serials and significant collections of manuscripts, maps and printed music. Six libraries are available for general student use.

The library, designed by James Ussher at a cost of 27 million euros and officially opened by the President of Ireland in April 2003, is the newest addition to the facilities of the Trinity library. The eight-story, 9,500-m² building provides 750 new reading spaces and houses the Glucksman Map Library and the Department of Conservation.

The Book of Kells is by far the most famous book in the library and is located in the Old Library. Along with the Great Room, the Old Library is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland. Although the Book of Kells has been exhibited elsewhere, the damage caused in a loan in 2000 to an Australian institution has led to the policy of not allowing the book to leave Trinity again.

It is widely documented that the appearance of the Jedi archives in The Attack of the Clones was inspired by the Great Room due to the almost cloned similarity between the two. Trinity considered exercising legal action but it never took place.

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