Venice – Italy

Venice (in Italian: Venezia venɛʦːi̯a; in the Venetian language: Venessia or Venesia venɛsi̯a) is a city located in the northeast of Italy. It is also the capital of the Venetian region and the province of Venice, receiving by nickname «La Serenissima» (La Serenissima). Its historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is located in the group of the largest islands of the Venetian lagoon in the north of the Adriatic Sea.

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Angkor Wat (in Khmer Ângkôr Vôtt / ɑŋkɔr vɔt /), also sometimes written Angkor Vat, is the largest temple and also the best preserved of those that make up the settlement of Angkor. It is considered to be the largest religious structure ever built, and one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world.


Salzburg (German: Salzburg About this sound / zalt͡sbʊɐ̯k / (? · I), ‘castle [of the] salt’) is the fourth most populous city in Austria, with 150,269 inhabitants (2012), capital of the federal state (Bundesland ) of Salzburg and the homonymous region, one of the five in which this country is divided. Its name comes from the boats that transported salt in the 8th century and that had to pay a tax, very common use in many rivers in Europe.

Ruins of Pompeii

Pompeii was a city of the Ancient Rome located along with Herculaneum and other smaller places in the region of Campania, near the modern city of Naples and located around the bay of the same name in the province of Naples . It was buried by the violent eruption of Vesuvius on August 24 of the year 79 d. C. and its inhabitants died due to the pyroclastic flow. In its vicinity rises the modern and modern city of Pompeii.


Prague (Praha in Czech) is the capital of the Czech Republic, as set out in the country’s Constitution. Before it was the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia and Czechoslovakia. It is also the capital of the Bohemian region.

Located on the banks of the Vltava River, it has approximately 1.2 million inhabitants, which makes it the most populated city in the country. The metropolitan area of ​​Prague has a population of 1.9 million inhabitants.