National Museum of the United States Air Force

The National Museum of the United States Air Force (formerly United States Air Force Museum) is the official museum of the United States Air Force and is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Riverside, near Dayton, Ohio.

The NMUSAF is the world’s largest museum and the oldest museum of military aviation. More than 400 aircraft and missiles are displayed, most of them inside the building. Admission is free.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) – Switzerland

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (official name), commonly known by the acronym CERN (provisional acronym used in 1952, which responded to the name in French Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, ie European Council for Nuclear Research), is The largest particle physics research laboratory in the world.

Singen Auto Salon – Germany

Explore this amazing exotic car collection, with cars ranging from classic to modern Ferraris Porsches.
This exotic car dealer in Germany has a fresh and new way to meet. While Google Streetview has taken us inside the car museums, Auto Salon Singen has created something similar that allows us to make a virtual tour of its collection of beautiful classics and impressive luxury cars. Navigating through the buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can walk around the showroom. Turn left at the entrance and welcome you with a poster of the eclectic mix of cars to come

Motorhomes +20 models – Hitch House RV & Motorhome Canada

Hitch House RV & Motorhome is a Canadian company founded in 1973 by David Mckee who initially in 1969 worked with a petrol station and sale of trailers.

The company currently has two locations, one in Toronto and the other in Ottawa dedicated to the sale and maintenance of different brands of Motorhomes such as Thor Motor Coach, Monaco, Newmar, Chateau and Pleasure-Way.

Visiting this page you can access more than 20 different models of Motorhomes and their respective Virtual Tours.

Lurssen Quattroelle

The German construction company Lurssen Yachts is based on excellence. For five generations since 1875 the company has developed the most refined skills and advanced technology that has allowed it to create outstanding vessels. When the founder of the company Friedrich Lurssen said «The leadership in quality and performance will be the reputation of my company» he was expressing the values that have been maintained to this day. Lurssen is more than a construction company of Yates, it is a family of builders.

Quaranta – Luxury Catamaran Superyacht

Launched in the spring of 2013, the Quaranta Luxury Catamaran Superyacht has 6 cabins all on the main deck with flexible options and all with windows. The living room, the dining room, the bridge and the stern deck are on the upper deck. The last deck contains a Jacuzzi, the Bar, and enough space for 12 people.

Airbus A380 – United Arab Emirates

The Airbus A380 – called A3XX during much of its development stage is a tetrarreactor aircraft manufactured by the European company Airbus, a subsidiary of the EADS group. It is the first jet aircraft with two decks along its entire fuselage, unlike the Boeing 747 in which, although it also has two, the upper deck covers only the front of the fuselage. It has a maximum capacity of 853 passengers – in a hypothetical configuration of high density tourist class -, which makes it the largest commercial aircraft in the world. It surpasses the aforementioned Boeing 747, by providing a useful area of ​​49% more than the latter -according to the manufacturer- .

Super Trees – Singapore

Gardens by the bay (Chinese: 滨海 湾 花园, pinyin: bīnhǎi Wān Huayuan Malay: Taman di Pesisiran Tamil: வளைகுடா தோட்டம்) is a park that covers 101 hectares (1,010,000 m2) of reclaimed land in central Singapore, next to the Navy Reservoir. The park consists of three oceanfront gardens: South Bay Garden, East Bay Garden and Central Bay Garden. The largest of the three gardens is South Bay Garden, standing on 54 acres.

Chrysler 200 Assembler – Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA

The Sterling Heights Assembler is an automobile factory in Sterling Heights, Michigan currently operated by Chrysler Group LLC. The factory opened in 1953 to produce missiles. Later it acquired Volkswagen and turned the assembler for the production of automobiles in 1980, but never manufactured automobiles there, instead it sold the plant to Chrysler in 1983.

International Space Station

The International Space Station, (in English, International Space Station or ISS) is a research center in the Earth’s orbit, whose administration, management and development is in charge of international cooperation. The project works as a permanently manned space station, in which teams of astronauts and researchers from the five participating space agencies rotate: NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the Japanese Space Exploration Agency, the Canadian Space Agency and the Agency. European Space (ESA). It is considered one of the greatest achievements of engineering.