Maharajas Express – India

Delve into the cultural heritage of India in the comfort of the finest luxury train in the world. The travel experience of Maharajas Express helps you relax and feel pampered. Life on board is not saved rights when it travels through the length and width of Incredible India. Recover the romance of a bygone era as you walk aboard the super-worked booths and enjoy fine cuisine in five-star luxury.

Olivo Train – Mexico

The Olivo Train was sent to make by the general Plutarco Elías Calles to the company Pullman, in Illinois, the United States. He arrived in Mexico City on May 2, 1927 and took his name from the color of his wagons: olive green. It was a means of transport but also a space where the leaders made official meetings, offered elegant banquets and signed important treaties. It was a «Presidential Residence» on rails.

Train Majestic Imperator

In 1991, a century after the original train was built, Gottfried Rieck, an engineer of the Austrian Federal Railways, along with his wife Sibylle, set out to realize his dream of rebuilding a wagon of this legendary train. Gottfried had worked for the railroads for more than thirty-five years after starting his career shoveling coal in a steam locomotive. After many months, his dream came true with the revival of Salon I Wagon, adapting the original plans to meet the stringent modern safety requirements.