Lurssen Quattroelle

The German construction company Lurssen Yachts is based on excellence. For five generations since 1875 the company has developed the most refined skills and advanced technology that has allowed it to create outstanding vessels. When the founder of the company Friedrich Lurssen said «The leadership in quality and performance will be the reputation of my company» he was expressing the values that have been maintained to this day. Lurssen is more than a construction company of Yates, it is a family of builders.

Absolute Yachts

Absolute Yachts is an Italian company that has more than 40 years of experience in the construction of yachts. Its founders are considered as the pioneers of the era of construction of superbotes. Initially they produced under the Gobbi brand that later becomes Absolute S.p.A. in 2002 in collaboration and association with some of the brilliant young minds in the design and construction of superbotes.

The company believes in technology and easy control of the boat. He also believes in luxury and low-consumption and low-noise engines, as well as in respecting the ocean. that is why it is committed to emissions of gases and noise at a minimum. And this not only to safeguard protected areas, but also the entire ocean.

Fairlane Squadron 65

Fairline Boats Ltd is a British luxury yacht construction company. The company was founded in 1963 by Jack Newington in Corby, Northamptonshire. Currently its owner is Better Capital

The sumptuous furniture and handcrafted cabinetry are hallmarks of the Squadron range. Nowhere is it expressed more elegantly than in its interior at a single level, wide and long, testimony to the ingenious design of flat floor of 65. These levels of such simple ground are usually reserved for yachts of much larger size, but Our designers have achieved this in this 65-foot boat. An elegant and beautifully proportioned Squadron.

Quaranta – Luxury Catamaran Superyacht

Launched in the spring of 2013, the Quaranta Luxury Catamaran Superyacht has 6 cabins all on the main deck with flexible options and all with windows. The living room, the dining room, the bridge and the stern deck are on the upper deck. The last deck contains a Jacuzzi, the Bar, and enough space for 12 people.

Marlow Yachts

Marlow Yachts is a luxury yacht builder whose owner and founder is David Marlow, also owner of Marlow Marina in Florida.
The company settled in China where it employs more than 600 additional workers at the 750 in the Tampa Bay area and more than 1,000 in Taiwan. The company started operations in 2001 and until 2008 it offered Explorer models between 38 to 78 feet. Currently, they produce models that exceed that size.
In 2011 Marlow acquires Merrill-Stevens Drydock & Repair Co.’s. main shipyard in Miami.

Majesty Yachts

Majesty Yachts, launched in 2004, is a brand of superyachts manufactured by Gulf Craft, a luxury yacht builder and fiberglass boats. Majesty Yachts along with Silvercraft, Oryx and Gulf Collection make up the Gulf Craf group. All boats are built in the United Arab Emirates.

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