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The Club Puerto Azul is located in the town of Naiguatá, belonging to the Vargas State, Venezuela. For 1772 Naiguatá was considered like a town of Indians, inhabited by 261 aborigines within the town with an old Franciscan Christian doctrine and 474 Spaniards lived outside it. There were also 240 slaves and 84 bozales (black slaves) for a total population of 1059 inhabitants.

… You really do not know exactly when the idea of ​​the Puerto Azul Club begins to appear, the visionary Daniel Camejo Octavio, but what is almost certain is that when the Puerto Azul Company (PACA) emerged and the idea of ​​the Club was advanced … Camejo based on his international experience on the subject, wanted to take advantage of the topographic conditions of the land and the configuration of things to try to group, in a single site a new concept of Club that could be financed without major complications, nor Excessive demands for future partners; that it would have facilities for its members to spend the night in their facilities and also allow an economic structuring that would generate financial contributions, reducing as far as possible the direct contribution of the members. Thus, the design was designed to have an oceanic beach like Waikiki in Hawaii, a beach with calm waters like those of the Costa Azul in the Mediterranean, the facilities of the docks and dry docks like those of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, residential buildings as «Laguna Beach Club», the amusements and games of Lones Beach on Long Island. All this, adapted and applied to the originality of the designers, to a totally tropical environment, which would allow the creation of a Social Club unique in its kind in the World, so planned, projected and promoted. The work team was made up of Engineer Camejo Octavio, Director of Architects Carpio & Suárez S.V.A. and by Engineer Bernardo Nouel in the Technical Office of Port Engineering.