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In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution made Barcelona the most advanced and industrialized area in Spain. The city needed to grow and the medieval walls were demolished. In 1859 the Eixample Plan was approved, giving shape to the new city that in 1888 would host the Universal Exhibition.
At that time, the building that today houses the H1898 was a conciliar seminary, until in 1881 the architect Josep Oriol Mestres designed it as the private residence of the López y López family, Marqueses de Comillas, who also had their family business there: Transatlantic Company.
It was not until 1929 that the building became the headquarters of the General Company of Tobaccos of the Philippines and underwent a profound remodeling by the hand of Josep María Sagnier Vidal and Josep María Rivas. Just then, it opened onto Xuclà Street, on the corner of which stands the sculpture of the painter Marià Fortuny, the work of the brothers Miquel i Llucià Oslé, inextricably linked to the structure of the building since 1942.
The Tobacco Company of the Philippines was the first major Spanish multinational, had its own service of ships and a railway line of more than one thousand kilometers for the transport of its products.
The Núñez y Navarro Group acquired the building in 1998 and restored it to become a hotel. In a nod to the history of the building, it was decided to baptize the hotel with the date of the end of Spanish colonial rule of the Philippines, the year 1898.
Hotel 1898 opened its doors in 2005, after a total rehabilitation of the building that meant keeping intact its facades and the main noble areas.

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