The White House – Washington, USA

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The White House is the official residence and main workplace of the president of the United States.

The project was devised by George Washington and built in 1790 under the direction of the Irish-born architect James Hoban, in Neoclassical style. President George Washington, along with the city’s architect, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, chose the site where it would be built. Through a contest the architect, native of Dublin, who won the gold medal for the presentation of the design that we know today, was chosen.

The design of the White House was inspired by the Leinster House (Dublin), and Castletown House (Celbridge), both following the style of Palladianism.

As the name implies, it is a white building located on Pennsylvania Avenue No. 1600 (Pennsylvania Avenue) northwest of the District of Columbia. Designed during George Washington’s first term, the building was inaugurated by John Adams in 1800. Formally, the building was named the Presidential Palace, the Executive Mansion, until President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902 proposed to Congress to officially adopt the name from «The White House».

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