The Cave of La Covaciella – Spain

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The prehistoric art of La Covaciella cave uncovered. This virtual tour offers you the unique opportunity to enter your gallery to admire with your own eyes his paintings, perfectly preserved for thousands of centuries. The cave, which is closed to the public, is part of the group Altamira Caves and Paleolithic Rock Art of northern Spain declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It was in 1994 when in Cabrales (Asturias), in the area known as Las Estazadas, the existence of La Covaciella cave was discovered by chance. Several neighbors of the place acceded to the grotto through the hollow that had been produced because of the works of the next road. They were the first to be surprised by the art that hid their walls. Now you can also enjoy its valuable cave paintings thanks to this virtual visit of the Excmo. City of Cabrales.

The Covaciella is formed by a gallery of 40 meters in length that opens onto a large room. Its interior space has not known human intervention in a long time, since the original entrance was naturally blinded. Although it remains closed to the public, it is possible to enjoy its prehistoric art by going to the interpretation center of Casa Bárcena, in the town of Carreña de Cabrales; or through the virtual visit that we present, a technological tool that will allow you to travel through all your corners comfortably through the screen of your computer.

Take this opportunity to admire your bison very closely. You will be able to appreciate in detail the volume and technique with which they were made and see for yourself why La Covaciella is part of our World Heritage.

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