The Church of Peace of Swidnica

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In 1648, the Treaty of Westphalia granted Lutheran Protestants in the Catholic areas of Silesia the right to build three churches: in Głogów (Glogau), in Jawor (Jauer) and Świdnica (Schweidnitz). The condition was that they were built of wood and without nails, and that they were located outside the confines of the cities. Construction time was also limited to one year. Of these three, two are conserved, after the fire that destroyed the church of Peace of Głogów in 1758. After its restoration in German-Polish cooperation, the churches of the Peace of Jawor and Świdnica were inscribed in the list of the Patrimony of the Humanity in 2001.

The Church of the Holy Spirit of Jawor (in Polish, Pokoju Kościół Świętego Ducha), was built during the years 1654-1655 according to the plans of the architect Breslau Albrecht von Saebisch (1610-1688). It is 43.5 m long, 14 m wide and 15.7 m high, with approximately 1180 m² of surface area and capacity for approximately 5,500 people. The paintings are by George Flegel who made them during the decade 1671-1681. The motives (more than 200 images) come from the Bible in its majority. The pulpit of 1670 is the work of Matthew Knot, of Legnica (Liegnitz). The altar is the work of Martin Schneider, dated around 1672. The first organ, due to J. Hoferichter of Legnica, was built in 1664. Defective, it was replaced during the years 1855-1856 by a new organ, by Adolfo Alexandre Lummert of Wrocław (Breslau). It was restored in 1899, 1937 and then in 2002. The bell tower was added at the beginning of the 18th century. At present, the Protestant community of Jawor is only 40 people, which is why the church is maintained with the financial support of Germany.

The Church of Peace of the Holy Trinity of Świdnica (in Polish, Pokoju Kościół pw. Świętej Trójcy) was built in 1656-1657 and is considered to be the largest timber-framed church in Europe.

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