Mirador del Obispado – Monterrey México

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El Mirador del Obispado is located on the top of Cerro del Obispado in the city of Monterrey, Mexico (northeast). There is the largest Monumental Flag of Mexico. The hill and the viewpoint are named after the building built in the vicinity of the hill at the end of the 18th century, the Palacio del Obispado.

At an altitude of 775 meters above sea level, the viewpoint consists of a circular esplanade 40 meters in diameter with the flagpole at its center. There are benches, a small parking lot (first for disabled people) and 3 French-style gardens. The facilities are also equipped with drinking fountains and toilets. The viewpoint was conceived as a family walk, which is why the main road to the top is very wide and very well lit. Cars can pass but the main parking lot is at the entrance to the park.