Theatre Royal – Newcastle

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Granted his royal license by King George III, the Royal Newcastle Theatre opened on Drury Lane off Mosley Street in 1788 and soon established itself as one of the leading theaters in England. Three months before Queen Victoria ascended the throne, in February 1837, the theater moved to Gray Street, an iconic building in Grainger and Dobson.

It has what is generally considered the best facade of a theater in the United Kingdom and is complemented by a large auditorium designed by one of the great architects of the theater, Frank Matcham after the original interior had been destroyed by a fire in 1899

Over the centuries, many of the great names of English artists have performed at this theater from Keane to Irving from Olivier to Dench and Hollywood greats such as Orson Welles, Charlton Heston and Jack Lemmon have also stepped on their boards; Sir Ian McKellen has described the Royal Theater as his favorite theater.

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