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TrenMajesticImperatorIn 1991, a century after the original train was built, Gottfried Rieck, an engineer of the Austrian Federal Railways, along with his wife Sibylle, set out to realize his dream of rebuilding a wagon of this legendary train. Gottfried had worked for the railroads for more than thirty-five years after starting his career shoveling coal in a steam locomotive. After many months, his dream came true with the revival of Salon I Wagon, adapting the original plans to meet the stringent modern safety requirements.
Engineers have combined the principles of safety for modern trains with the exorbitant magnificence and glory of their ancient predecessors. The passion of the Rieck family to rebuild historic trains and bring them back to life has inspired nostalgic train enthusiasts: Stefan Gutmann and his family entered into an alliance with the Rieck family and took over most of of the company’s shares in 2012.
On May 19, 1998, the youngest descendant of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his famous wife Empress Elizabeth, Maria Cristina of Hapsburg-Lorraine, christened the restored luxury and glamor train as the Majestic Imperator composed of six wagons in total.
By then, a dream for both families had come true: «To allow your customers a train travel experience, that will stay in your mind forever.»

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