Villa Farnesio – Italy

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The Villa Farnesio or Palazzo Farnesio is an important example of a Renaissance residence in Italy built for the Roman family of the Farnese in Caprarola, Lazio.

The villa was one of the many stately homes built by the Farnese in their own domains. The project for a defensive fortress was originally prepared by Antonio de Sangallo el Joven. In 1559, by the will of Cardinal Alejandro Farnesio, the project was modified, although maintaining the pentagonal plan, and the direction of the work was entrusted to Vignola. The works finished in 1575.

The construction was transformed into an imposing Renaissance palazzo, as the summer residence of the cardinal and his court. In the bastions of the vertices the architect inserted wide open terraces on the surrounding countryside, and carved the hill in the form of stairs in order to isolate the palazzo and at the same time insert it harmoniously with the surroundings. A rectilinear street was opened on the access road, in order to visually relate the building to the city, turning it into a landmark that surpasses and dominates the entire area. In the center of the residence a circular patio opens on two floors, with the upper level slightly retracted.

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